How to Share Caregiver Responsibilities

Caregiving can present many challenges for families, especially if your family lives in multiple locations. If one person is local, they might naturally take on more of the day-to-day caregiving, but there are important ways that everyone can help, no matter where they live.

It’s National Family Caregiver Month, so we’re sharing some helpful tips from the National Institute on Aging to help you share caregiver responsibilities.

Start Talking About Caregiving

The first step is to explain what’s needed. Try having a conversation with your family and the person who needs care if possible. Have a calm discussion about the type of care that is wanted and needed, as well as possible future needs.

Be realistic and communicate clearly about how much you are willing to help. Not everyone is comfortable being a primary caregiver. Communicating with your family early on can help prevent future misunderstandings.

Match Skills

Consider everyone’s limits when thinking about caregiver responsibilities. Being a family caregiver can take an emotional toll. It can also demand major changes to your routine if, for example, you’ll need to juggle doctor’s appointments with a full-time job and caring for young children.

Think about your skills when designating tasks. Is one family member a whiz at paying bills and keeping track of finances? Is someone else comfortable with speaking with medical providers? Can other family members help conduct research and keep everyone’s spirits up?

Designate who is responsible for which tasks. Naming a primary caregiver can help prevent confusion. Discuss how you can work as a team to make sure your loved one receives the best possible care.

Providing emotional support to the primary caregiver or simply staying in regular contact with the family member who needs care can be very helpful. Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call or postcard to brighten someone’s day!

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