Schuerman Law Office Building Repainted

The Schuerman Law office is housed in a unique location: a restored 19th century home located at the corner of Main and Tyson streets on the northeast corner of the courthouse square in Versailles, Indiana.

The large frame house was originally built one block south of the current location at the corner of Main and Water streets around the year 1860. It was scheduled for demolition in September 1983, but when John Schuerman learned of the plan to demolish the home he decided to purchase it and move it to the present location in August of 1983.

He began the restoration process immediately, dedicated to preserving this beautiful piece of Versailles town history. The home originally belonged to Fernando G. Taylor, who was married to Mary Malvina Hunter. Her father John was one of the founding fathers of the town of Versailles.

Thanks to tireless effort and research, the house now appears much as it did when first constructed. Many of the windows still contain the original hand-manufactured glass panes; The decorative eavesboard was missing when the house was purchased, but it was later reconstructed by using old photos as a guide.

With the exception of the window glass and hardware, and possibly the lime for the mortar and plaster, all of the materials for the home were likely produced in Versailles in the 19th century, making this two story house a sort of living time capsule for the town.

The building includes a five bay façade with a hip roof and was influenced the Gothic Revival style of architecture popular in the time period. The house was repainted this summer and the original shutters were restored and rehung.

Schuerman Law is proud to be a part of the history and the future of the town of Versailles. Stop in and see us sometime!