Child Passenger Safety: Car Seat Registration and Checks

September is National Child Passenger Safety Month! There are events throughout the country this month to help parents learn how to install and use car seats properly.

Car Seat Checks

Safe Kids coalitions host car seat checkup events and inspection stations. Checkup events are one-time events held in parking lots of places like malls and hospitals, while inspection stations are regularly scheduled and take place in fixed locations like police or fire stations. Both offer an opportunity for parents to learn how to install their child’s car seat correctly with the help of a certified car seat technician.

Register Your Car Seat

Millions of car seats are recalled last year. Was your child’s car seat one of them?

Registering your car seat is the best way to learn about a recall. This allows the manufacturer to contact you directly regarding recalls. You can register online with the car seat manufacturer, at, or by mailing in the registration card that came with the car seat. To register online, just provide the model number and date of manufacture from the label of your car seat, along with any other details requested by the manufacturer. If you choose to mail in the card, it already has the necessary details for your specific car seat. Simply fill out your contact details and drop it in the mail. Postage has already been paid.

If you’re using a car seat that hasn’t been registered and want to check for a recall, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and enter your car seat information. If your car seat is recalled, take action to repair it. If you registered the seat, you will receive details about the repair. If not, you’ll need to request the repair from the manufacturer.

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