Ripley County Recycling Information

As you start spring cleaning, it’s important to dispose of chemicals and medications properly to prevent children and pets from accidentally ingesting them. Be on the lookout for upcoming Amnesty Days hosted by the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD).

SEIRD staffs eight recycling centers, seven reuse stores, and collects recyclable items at 65 schools in southeastern Indiana. You can find the Ripley County Recycle Center at 2710 N Hasmer Hill Road in Osgood, Indiana, adjacent to the Ripley County Highway Garage just off Highway 421. There is also a drop off center at 616 John Street in Batesville.

In this article, we’re sharing the latest details for recycling items in Ripley County as well as information for the Reuse Store.

Accepted Items

The recycling center accepts a variety of paper products, including boxes (must be broken down and flattened), magazines, shredded paper, books, and more.

Clean, dry plastic grocery bags, shrink wrap, and dry cleaner bags can be recycled. Plastic items marked #1, #2, and #5 are accepted. All glass food and beverage bottles can be recycled; please rinse first.

Residents can dispose of fluorescent bulbs for free; the fee for businesses and organizations is $1 per bulb. You can recycle car batteries that are not cracked. Be sure to cap the cells. Rechargeable batteries can also be recycled.

Aluminum, steel, tin, and scrap metal can be recycled.

Problem Wastes

Household Hazardous Waste is accepted at no fee on designated Amnesty Days. These items include cleaning chemicals, oil-based paints, pesticides/herbicides, fluorescent tubes/bulbs, stains, and more.

You can recycle refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and electronic devices with a screen for $15 per unit.

Computers, monitors, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, phones, printers, scanners, and stereos are accepted. You can drop off up to five gallons of oil, filters, and antifreeze. Used tires can be recycled for a small fee. (See brochure for details.)

Wire fencing, fuel tanks, alkaline batteries, and window/plate glass are not accepted at the facility.

If you need to dispose of pharmaceutical waste, sharps can be disposed of at the Ripley County Health Department. Medications can be disposed of at the Ripley County Sheriff’s Department.

Reuse Store

If you have unwanted items that are still usable, you can take them to the Reuse Center. All items left at the center are available to any Ripley County resident at no charge. Upholstered items cannot be accepted.

Appliances, tables, electronics, books, shelving, screens, toys, clothing, tools, windows, and fitness equipment are all common items seen in the center. Shopping hours are 12-6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 8-12 p.m. on Saturday.

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