What You Should Know About Broken Bones in Car Accidents

More than 2.3 million Americans are seen in an emergency department due to car accidents each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Among the many car accident injuries that can require emergency care, broken bones and bone fractures are some of the most common.

After all, the impact of collision makes it quite easy for bones to break. Unfortunately, broken bones in car accidents tend to be more complex than a typical break. A bone broken during an accident may include multiple fractures and/or compound fractures (where there is a break in the skin. Some broken bones require reconstructive surgery, and it can take months to recover.

Common Causes of Broken Bones in Car Accidents

Your body must absorb significant impact during a collision. When the force on a bone is too strong, it will break. Here are several reasons that broken bones are a common car accident injury:

  • Instinctive bracing for impact
  • Hitting the dashboard or window
  • Slamming forward on impact
  • Getting hit by an airbag
  • Impact from a loose item in the vehicle
  • Striking pavement if ejected from the vehicle

While car accidents often result in broken ribs, femur, hips, arms, and clavicle among other broken bones, any bone can break or fracture. These injuries are either simple (do not break the skin) or compound (bone breaks the skin and exits the body). Either of these broken bone injuries can cause secondary injuries like tears in muscle or ligament. Fractures also require healing time, which can lead to muscle atrophy.

Seek Medical Attention

As with any major car accident, be sure to seek professional medical care as soon as possible if you suspect a broken bone or another injury. Remember, your body produces adrenaline when you are in an accident, so you may not immediately register all your injuries. It’s important to get proper medical care as soon as possible.

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