Distracted Driving Leads to Disasters

As mobile phone use becomes more and more prevalent, it’s become easy to blame texting and driving for causing a number of America’s car accidents. But according to research presented in a recent USA Today article, texting and driving only accounts for about 5% of cellphone-related accidents. Actually, many of the accidents occur while drivers are speaking on handheld or hands-free devices.

The same article shows that the National Safety Council reported that an estimated 1.2 million accidents in the United States involve talking on a mobile device, while approximately 281,000 involve texting and driving.

Multi-Tasking Puts Everyone At Risk

In the busy world that we live in, it’s easy to justify multi-tasking to save time, but when you’re behind the wheel, the risk just isn’t worth it. If your phone is sitting right next to you and you hear the tone for a new text, it’s too tempting to glance away from the road for just a second…and that second could change or even end your life and the lives of others.

Prevent Distracted Driving

Voice-to-text functions, Bluetooth devices, and other travel-friendly options prove to be just as distracting (if not more so) than talking or texting. The best way to limit your risk of getting into a distracted driving related crash is to silence your phone and stow it out of sight while driving.

If you are expecting an important message and have passengers in the vehicle, ask them to respond on your behalf. If you do not have passengers in the vehicle, wait to check the message when your vehicle is parked.

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Image courtesy of www.loveinfographics.com.

Image courtesy of www.loveinfographics.com.