Caretaker 101: How to Emotionally Support a Loved One After an Accident

file000380163353Many of our cases are related to automobile accidents. In fact, we spend a lot of time making visits to hospitals and homes to meet with our clients who have suffered severe injuries after a car wreck. We know that the period immediately after such an accident is often very difficult for the victim as well as everyone who knows and loves them, because we see it firsthand. It’s hard for us, too.

Oftentimes it’s difficult for family members and friends to know how to best support a loved one after a devastating event. In this post, we’ll talk about a few strategies for managing this stressful time.

Be Present

Find ways to spend quality time together, even if that just means that you’re sitting quietly in the same room. Injuries can impact people in different ways, and severe head injuries that result in traumatic brain injury can be especially difficult to heal from. Your loved one may need calm and quiet to heal, but will likely find your presence comforting.

Avoid Touchy Subjects

Recovering from an accident is an emotionally difficult time. Anger and depression are not uncommon side effects. Don’t take it too personally if your loved one unexpectedly lashes out, especially if someone brings up a sore subject. Avoid discussing subjects that stress your loved one as much as possible.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Becoming a caretaker overnight is not an easy experience. Navigating all of your own emotions and learning how to best support your loved one is exhausting. Make time to take care of yourself. Resist the urge to subsist on fast food and caffeine. Making healthy choices and getting enough rest helps you take care of your loved one.

Say Yes to Help

Learning to accept help can be difficult, but it can make a big difference for you and your loved one. If someone offers to bring you food or run an errand on your behalf, just say yes. They want to help, you have plenty of other things on your plate, and it will make you both feel better.

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