Trailer Safety Week: Safe Driving Tips

Trailer Safety Week is an annual awareness campaign designed to increase awareness of trailer safety and proper trailer safety. The 2021 event takes place from June 6-12.

There are millions of trailers on the road every day. It’s critical to make sure that trailers are towed safely for everyone’s safety.

Safe Driving

Since all components of the tow vehicles and trailer affect towing, the driver must select the correct tow vehicle and trailer for the load, hitch and load the trailer, and be prepared to steer, maintain speed, and brake with the trailer. Drivers should stay focused and avoid distractions.

Make sure to use the correct hitch for the trailer and load to ensure a smooth towing experience. Proper hitching and correctly attached safety chains are crucial.

Proper Loading and Weight Distribution

Make sure to load the trailer properly so it’s easier to control. Improper loading is the most common issue leading to loss of control of a trailer. Read the trailer owner’s manual and follow instructions, especially if the trailer is built for hauling specific items.

Distribute weight as evenly as possible, both front-to-back and side-to-side. Ensure that the load is secure on the trailer before driving. If the cargo is not secured, it could cause your trailer to sway or you might lose items on the road, creating hazards for other drivers. Check the trailer and all components before towing. Inspect, maintain, and service the trailer regularly.

Learn more about how to tow safely.

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