Prepare Your Car for College

It’s that time of year. Students are packing up and getting ready to return to classes. If you commute to campus or keep your car at college, it’s important to set aside some time to check over your vehicle before getting back to the books.

sw_SubaruOutbackWagonUnderHood_gn001Assemble an Emergency Kit

You probably have a cell phone, but it won’t do you any good if inclement weather forces you to pull off the road. Be prepared by purchasing a car emergency kit or creating your own. Include a working flashlight with extra batteries, reflective roadside warning triangles, a tire gauge, tire sealant, basic tools, a snow shovel, an ice scraper, duct tape, first aid supplies, and consider including nonperishable food.

Wiper Blades

You may never truly understand the value of wiper blades until you’re stuck in a deluge of rain and yours aren’t working properly. Don’t let it happen to you! Replace aged or cracked wiper blades before they become an issue.


Learn how to check your tire pressure and do so before any big road trips. If your tires look worn with cracks, cuts, wear near the edges, or erratic tread wear, it’s time to replace them. Make sure to get your tires rotated once every 6,000 miles—keep a small notebook in your glove compartment to keep track of car mileage and maintenance.

Check Your Oil

You should have a regular oil change schedule. If someone else has been taking care of it for you, it’s time to learn when you need to get the oil changed.

Get Tuned Up

Ask your mechanic to check over your car for signs of impending issues. Do your spark plugs need to be replaced? Are all of the hoses and belts attached properly? How are the brakes? Are all of your lights working properly? If your check engine light recently came on, find out what the problem is. Allowing an issue to continue unchecked can lead to costly damage over time.

Be safe this school year and best of luck with your semester! If you find yourself injured and in need of legal advice, remember that you can schedule a free consultation with Attorney John Schuerman by calling 1-800-274-0045.