National Bath Safety Month: Tips to Prevent Injuries

January is National Bath Safety Month. While baths and showers are necessary, they can also present great risk for young children as well as older adults. From accidental drowning to slipping in the shower, many injuries can be prevented with these tips.

Make sure to have a no-slip rug or bathmat beside the tub or shower to help prevent everyone from falling when they get out. This also has a bonus of keeping your bathroom floor dry.

Safety Tips for Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 4 and younger have a parent or caregiver present when they are near water, because an accident can happen in seconds. Wait until the tub is finished filling and test the water temperature before putting your child in the tub. The temperature can change as it fills, and water that is too hot can cause serious injuries. Make sure your home’s water heater is set to provide water that is no hotter than 120 degrees to decrease risk of scalding.

Look out for sharp edges and use a rubber cover for the faucet. Avoid bath toys that have hard edges or points. These can be dangerous if your child falls onto them. If you have glass shower doors, ensure that they are made of shatterproof glass.

Safety Tips for Older Adults

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places in the home for older adults. Water, soap, and slippery shower or tile floors can be a recipe for a hazardous fall that could lead to a concussion, broken bone, or other injury.

Prevent slip and fall accidents by installing no-slip strips or mats in the shower. Add safety handles to the tub or shower to make it easier to get up and down. If mobility is an issue, consider investing in a shower chair or other equipment to make bathing less stressful.

Vision problems can increase the risk for falling, so make sure your bathroom has bright lighting that is easily accessible.

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