Winter Night Driving Safety Tips

file5361262817233Did you know that the risk of a fatal automobile accident is three times higher at night? According to National Safety Council research, driving at night is more dangerous than any other time of the day. It’s not surprising, but it is a sobering statistic.

Night Driving Risks

With the recent end of Daylight Savings Time, many people are spending more time driving in the dark. The shorter days, sleepiness, and decreased night vision all make night driving risky. After dark, your depth perception and peripheral vision can be weakened. On top of that, seeing bright headlights from other vehicles can also compromise your vision.

If something goes wrong while driving after dark, there’s less time to react. That’s especially true when you’re traveling at higher speeds, such as on the interstate or highway. Your visibility is limited after the sun sets, and distractions such as animals crossing the road or obstructions like a slippery patch on the highway can lead to a motor vehicle crash.

Drive Safer After Dark

Always be cautious when you’re behind the wheel, and never drive while impaired. Don’t text and drive or allow yourself to be distracted on the road. Take extra precautions when driving at night, such as slowing down and looking away from the lights of oncoming vehicles. Be sure that your headlights are clean and that all of your vehicle’s lights are in proper working order. Clean your windshield regularly. If you happen to wear glasses, make sure that they are anti-reflective. Get your vision checked annually and consider limiting your driving to daylight hours as much as possible.

Winter Weather

Here in Indiana, sometimes it feels like we experience three or four seasons in a single day. With freezes, thaws, sleet, snow, rain, and wind, winter can be an especially unpredictable time of the year. Inspect your vehicle regularly and make sure that your tires are prepared for slippery road conditions. Allow yourself extra time to scrape off and/or defrost your windshields before driving. Build a little bit of extra time into your daily routine so slight weather delays won’t derail your plans; it’s always better to arrive early than to end up at the emergency room. Be safe on the road this winter!

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