Reduce the Likelihood of Work-Related Crashes

Hoosier workers are more likely to be killed by motor vehicle crashes than by any other work-related hazards. In 2014, 52 individuals died due to incidents related to transportation while working in Indiana. These incidents included car accidents, non-roadway accidents involving motorized land vehicles, and pedestrians who were struck by vehicles while working.

These incidents can affect all industries. 11 of the incidents in 2014 occurred in the transportation and warehousing industry, while 13 occurred in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting.

Workers who are at risk for serious injury or death due to transportation incidents include real estate agents, social service workers, long-haul transportation drivers, salespeople, tow truck drivers, police officers, firefighters, emergency responders, farmers, and service technicians.

Reducing Risk of Work-Related Crashes

Employers can’t control road conditions, but they can promote safe driving behavior. For example, do not allow employees to drive irregular hours or far beyond their typical working hours.

Ensure that work schedules allow employees to drive at the speed limit and account for the possibility of inclement weather conditions. Enforce mandatory seatbelt use. Remind drivers not to use mobile phones or communication radios while driving. Keep company vehicles well maintained.

OSHA Recommendations for Safer Driving

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration included safe driving guidelines for employees in a brochure. The document emphasizes the importance of being well-rested before driving, setting realistic expectations for the number of miles that can be driven safely each day, and staying focused. Distracted driving is dangerous. Avoid driving aggressively and allow plenty of time to reach your destination safely.

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