Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires This Winter

Approximately 2,900 dryer fires are reported annually in the United States. These fires can cause serious injuries and fatalities as well as property loss. The most common cause of dryer fires at 34% is failure to clean the dryer. These fires are more common in the fall and winter months. In this article, we’ll explain […]

Fire Safety for Kids: Prevent Burns from Gas Fireplaces

Every day, three children under the age of six go to the emergency room for burns related to fireplaces, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. To raise awareness about the dangers associated with gas fireplaces, they created a great infographic which you can find here. Third-degree burns can occur with less than one second of contact […]

Home Safety: Have a Plan and Avoid Hidden Hazards

Whether you’re an essential worker, sheltering in place, or slowly returning to your normal work environment, these simple safety steps recommended by the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission can help you and your loved ones stay safe at home. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to […]